Weigh Day – 29/08/2017 – Annoyed and fed up!

So today is weigh day and I’m going to be honest and say for the first time since I started this journey today I am annoyed and fed up to the point of thinking why do I bother. I have worked my arse off this week on the days I have been to the gym I have also come home and taken part in sparring with Gareth. If I haven’t managed to get to the gym I have stayed active at home yet I have still had a gain this week!

Weigh In

Previous weight – 15 st 10lb

Today’s weight – 15st 10 3/4lb

Total weight loss – 0

Total weight gain – 3/4 lb

Lbs to lose for target weight – 73 3/4lb

Target to lose for next week – 3lb


Last weeks measurements

BUST – 38″

WAIST – 33″

HIPS – 41 1/2″

THIGHS – 23 1/2″

This weeks measurements are: 

BUST – 37 1/2″

WAIST –  32 ”

HIPS –  42″

THIGHS – 23 1/2″

If you read last weeks weigh in you will have seen how despite struggling to be active with a bad back and bad mouth I still managed to lose weight so this week after being so active and I really have been incredibly active I’m very disappointed with the results. I went to my brothers for a bbq on Saturday but still spent hours cooking and preparing slimming world friendly bbq food. The only thing I did do is have a slice of chocolate cake as it was my daughter’s birthday and had a few drinks. I honestly think the amount of exercise I took part in during the week would have been enough to counteract it.

I’ve been super excited this week to add a bead onto my Motivacelet but unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to wait a little while longer before I can begin to make it prettier.

I am now looking at why this weight isn’t shifting. I’m really annoyed that no matter what I do is working and there has to be a reason. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was younger so it may possibly be something to do with that, or I had an Essure procedure this year and since the operation I actually gained a stone so is it that causing it? I’ve also mentioned before how I drink A LOT of coffee so maybe I need to cut down on the coffee or limit the amount of carbs that I am having. I guess it’s a case of trying other things and seeing what works. This week I am going to limit my coffee to 3 a day ( from tomorrow when I’ve gotten over my sulk) and just see if that makes a difference. As I worked out before that a coffee is approx 79 calories and if I have around 10 .. yes 10 in a day that’s 790 calories before I even eat any food so I genuinely think that could be what’s stopping it.

Time will tell

I’m a little bit sulky today and I’m not going to lie I’m probably gonna just sit and eat cake ( It is Bethies 1st birthday ) but I’m sure that tomorrow I will wake up full of determination again and if not I hope someone kicks my arse.

I’m slowly losing faith after so long and rarely seeing any results. I’ve lost a lot of inches but I can’t really see it myself yet and until I do I don’t think I’ll be happy especially when the scales don’t want to move!



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