Weigh Day – 22/08/2017 – Getting somewhere at last!

It’s weigh day again. Can you believe it has come round so fast? I am really happy today as I finally feel like I am making some progress and getting somewhere at last! 

If you’ve been following my daily diaries you will know I’ve had a rough week and really struggled to motivate myself. In fact I think I only actually went to the gym twice last week. However, I did stick to eating healthily yet I wasn’t really expecting much today for my weigh day. I’ve felt very sluggish so thought at best I would perhaps weigh the same. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see just how well I had done!

Weigh In

Previous weight – 15 st 12lb

Today’s weight – 15st 10lb

Total weight loss – 2lb

Total weight gain – 0

Lbs to lose for target weight – 73lb

Target to lose for next week – 3lb


Last weeks measurements

BUST – 40″

WAIST – 35″

HIPS – 43″

THIGHS – 25″

This weeks measurements are: 

BUST – 38″

WAIST – 33″

HIPS – 41 1/2″

THIGHS –23 1/2 ″

There really is a big difference showing in the numbers now with my measurements, in just 4 weeks I’ve lost a massive 22 inches across my body so despite feeling like I haven’t done as well as I think I should have the inches are really showing that the hard work IS paying off despite what the scales say.


Overall I am VERY happy with my progress, it is a lot slower than I was expecting it to be but I am noticing positive changes in myself. For example this evening the family had their usual Tuesday night take away and I opted to cook myself tea instead. If I’m offered unhealthy things I now politely decline. I am working really hard and I am not willing to jeopardise it for the sake of a little few minutes of satisfaction. I actually made some healthy brownies today to try to kick the need for something naughty.  The slimming world diet appears to be working well for me at the moment I hope that in 6 months time I will have a decent before and “on my way to” after photo to share with you all.

I mentioned in yesterdays daily diary that I wanted to set myself a challenge this week and that challenge is to do some form of exercise each day whether it’s going to the gym, for a walk, sparring with Gareth or just having a swim I would like to exercise every day. I’m intrigued at how that will show next week in my measurements and my weight. I’m also hoping it will spur me on to keep going and try harder if it does show a good result, we will have to check next week to see.

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