Weigh Day – 12/09/2017 – Hard work is starting to pay off.

As the title suggests I am feeling like my hard work is starting to pay off. I have really pushed myself recently in fact especially in the last couple of weeks and I am now beginning to notice my body changing shape. Instead of rolls and rolls of fat I am beginning to see a shape form which is lovely. Part of this new-found dedication and being constantly on the go is one of the reasons that my blog posts have slowed down a little. Don’t worry now that the children are back at school and I am almost caught up on my Mummy of 5 Miracles posts I will be dedicating more time to this side. I really need to draw myself up some kind of timetable I think!

Since having the food diary and motivacelet it has really made a big difference in how I am seeing things and the choices I am making. Last week saw me adding the first beads to my Motivacelet. I am not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t expect to feel as much of a sense of achievement as I did. I have a really addictive personality so getting those first few beads has just heightened my want for more. I find it more personal knowing that each one of those beads marks that I have worked hard and it’s an extra step to the person I want to be. The food diary is fantastic and means that I can really keep a close eye on everything that I am eating and any slip ups.

I’m due my menstrual cycle this week so was fully expecting a gain but was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Previous weight – 15 st 7 1/4 lb

Today’s weight – 15st  6lb

Total weight loss – 1 1/4 lb

Total weight gain – 0

Lbs to lose for target weight – 69 lb

Target to lose for next week – 3lb


Last weeks measurements

BUST – 37 1/2″

WAIST – 32″

HIPS – 42″

THIGHS – 23 1/2″

This weeks measurements are: 

BUST –  38″

WAIST –   32″

HIPS –   42″

THIGHS –  23″

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

I’m finding it really interesting that on the weeks where I tend to lose pounds I don’t seem to lose inches and vice versa. I always thought that the went side by side until I started monitoring them more closely.

I’m thrilled that I am now down passed the 70lb mark for my target weight and I’m only actually 3 lb away from my first stone! I really need to keep you all in the loop more. I wasn’t aware until speaking to people this week just how many people are rooting for me and following my journey. I’ve also had a few people mention how I am an inspiration which is lovely!

One of my pairs of jeans have given up the ghost and got a whole in between the legs where they have rubbed. I have given Gareth strict instructions not to throw them away. These jeans are going to be my before jeans for when I get to the point I can do before and after shots!

I’ve set myself a challenge this week to get all green on my Fitbit every day and so far I’m not doing to bad although I’m definitely feeling the fact I’m exercising every single day!


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