Weigh day- 08/08/2009- Weight gain and Inches lost

So we are at weigh day and I said in yesterday’s diary how I felt like I had put on weight this week and it had left me feeling quite unmotivated. In fact I had a Papa John’s pizza for tea my heart was feeling a little heavy after trying so hard.

Well today I weighed and as predicted I had gained weight. You can read about last weeks weigh in HERE.

Previous weight – 15 st 11 & a half lbs

Today’s weight – 15st 13lb

Total weight loss – 0

Total weight gain – 1 & a half lb

Lbs to lose for target weight – 76lb

Target to lose for next week – 4lb


Something else I did last week was measured myself with a fabric tape measure. My measurements were.

BUST – 44″

WAIST – 39″

HIPS – 48″

THIGHS – 27″

This weeks measurements are: 

BUST – 42″

WAIST – 37″

HIPS – 46″

THIGHS – 26″

So that means that despite the fact I put on a little bit if weight I’ve actually lost 2 inches over most of my body and 7 inches in total!!!

This has made me feel so much better about everything and also made me more determined to do even better next week. I genuinely felt as though I had worked my backside off and wasn’t getting results but this just goes to show that I HAD lost despite the scales saying otherwise.

This week I am starting to follow the slimming world diet and I am hoping that the fact that it involves a lot of cooking which is something I really enjoy doing that it will keep me motivated. I love playing around with foods and flavours ( I totally should have been a chef) so this is perfect for me. I’ve already written up our breakfast for you all to see and later today I will be adding my lunch and tea. I am including the recipes so should you want to try any of it yourself the details are there for you.

As I venture onto next week I would like to try to do a little more at the gym and possibly go swimming a few times.



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