Weigh Day – 05/09/2017 – I got beads!

It’s weigh day and I am super excited. Despite losing weight in the beginning this is the first week since I have had my Motivacelet that I have been able to put beads on it and I am ecstatic.

If you read my daily diaries you will see that I really struggled at the beginning part of this week to get myself motivated after a devastating weigh in last week. I really tried hard and worked my backside off in the gym just to put on weight. It hit me massively and I had a few days of thinking I wasn’t sure if I could actually do this or not.


Then once I snapped out of it and put on my big girl pants I got myself back into the gym and back to eating properly. Including cutting down massively on the amount of carbs I was eating. I purchased myself a Food Diary that lets me enter in all the things I need and keep a track on everything including drinks and exercise.

And well the results below will tell you how my week ended up … EEEEK!


Previous weight – 15 st 10 3/4 lb

Today’s weight – 15st 7 1/4lb

Total weight loss – 3 1/2 lb

Total weight gain – 0

Lbs to lose for target weight – 70 1/4lb

Target to lose for next week – 3lb


Last weeks measurements

BUST – 37 1/2″

WAIST –  32 ”

HIPS –  42″

THIGHS – 23 1/2″

This week I bloomin forgot to measure myself!

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

I generally just feel a sense of relief. I try so hard and it really can be soul destroying when you’re trying but don’t appear to be getting anywhere. I am now even more determined to do it. I really want to try to get another 3lb next week. In total since I started this journey I have lost a gigantic 10lb and 25 inches across my body. That’s bloody impressive in a couple of months! Now I just need to continue it.

Myself and my not so little family are taking part in a 5k Family Fun Run for Use Your Senses Guide Dogs UK, this is a big thing for us at the moment with my own eyesight not being very great and my partners father recently going blind so we would really appreciate it if you could spare even £1 to sponsor us. It’s a great cause.

Thank you for your continued support and if my diaries and weigh ins are helping you then PLEASE let me know. I write and write but I don’t actually know if anybody reads it.

If you would like to know more about my family I also blog at Mummy of 5 Miracles. 

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** The amazon link for the food diary is an affiliate link.


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