I’m Back!! – Explaination of where I have been and what I have planned

Hi Everyone, you may have noticed that I have been absent on here for a while. If you are also a follower of my parenting blog Mummy of 5 Miracles then you may already be aware of why I haven’t been around. If you are not then this should make some sense of my disappearance and what I have planned now for you all.

On 22nd September my mother passed away and it was quite sudden, whilst she was a poorly lady anyway none of us were expecting her to pass so quickly so as I’m sure you can imagine it has been a bit of a shock to us all. Whilst trying to support my dad and my children during this difficult time my daughter also has had to have a lot of hospital trips after her thumb went into an extreme spasm requiring her to be put to sleep to correct it and even now there is no guarantee this has worked so we are still backwards and forwards to the hospital.

As a result of everything that I have had going on around me I haven’t been dieting or going to the gym at all. In fact every time I have planned to go back or restart something else has happened and its had a knock on effect to the point that here I am 1 month since I last went to the gym and I’m no further forward.

I have practically lived on takeaways and doing very little when it comes to being proactive and productive. So I am currently in my bedroom and drawing up a new plan of action.

What do I have in mind?

Tomorrow is the NEW start of MOFM Health Kick. I will wake up tomorrow , weigh myself (I’m dreading to see what the scales say ) and instead of just having a cuppa and dealing with it I WILL have breakfast. I am currently ordering my shopping so I am going to search the internet for recipes that I can make and draw myself up a meal plan for the week.

I was due to go back to the gym today but due to women’s problems I have had to postpone it so I will return to the gym as soon as my body allows me too. Another thing that has happened is I have somehow gained a problem with my left knee. I have been to the doctors who is hoping some pain relief and a support with help but I may need scans and tests to check there isn’t something more going on in there. As a result of this I have been advised NOT to use any leg machines, so this means pretty much EVERYTHING I use. As I am stubborn and feel I know how much I can push my body I have decided I will do some of them but will avoid leg weights for a while.

Life is short and I don’t want to spend the rest of mine overweight and feeling miserable and full of self-hatred. If I want to run up a hill then I want to physically be able to. My mum left us unable to do many things that she really wanted to do and I don’t want to end up in the same boat. I already struggle quite a lot with bad health so if I can prevent it becoming more of a problem then I will try my best!


Thank you for your support and I look forward to building this page up and chatting to you all.

If you are on a similar journey and in my area feel free to contact me I am ALWAYS happy for new gym buddies!


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