Daily Diary – 30/08/2017 – Need to snap out of it!

I have been pretty fed up since yesterdays weigh in and despite saying I would suck it up this morning I still need to snap out of it. I woke up and was still a grump. I really hoped I would wake up and the world would be shiny and rosey again and I would be raring to go back to the gym but the reality was I woke up and moped around in my big fluffy dressing gown and just couldn’t find any motivation.

I was due to go to the gym with my sister-in-law at 3pm but we had a very important meeting. By the time the meeting was over and we had food it was too late to go to the gym with everything else that was happening so I missed the gym again for the second day. I did however drag my grumpy sulky ass to the swimming pool and did a fair few lengths. I also politely declined a lift so walked there to get a few extra steps in.


breakfast today was a cooked breakfast. I cooked mushrooms in frylight with garlic, we had tinned tomatoes, scrambled egg ( no butter or milk just egg), bacon and I had Quorn Sausages.


I wanted to try out some of the soups because I struggle with ideas for lunches so I decided today I would make the chicken,sweetcorn and celeriac soup. It was nice but the texture was weird. It was like everything else blended really well but the kernels off the sweetcorn remained in tact. It was supposed to serve 4 but Gareth and I both had large bowls, Bethie the baby had a bowl full and there still seemed to be a full pan of it.

Main Meal

As I went swimming we ate really late in fact I’ve not long finished eating. For our tea we had chicken and vegetable skewers and rice. Nice clean and healthy tea and in actual fact despite looking at it and thinking how starving I was and that it seemed tiny, it was actually just the right amount


I had a packet of Quavers today for a snack as it was a long time between lunch and our evening meal.


Once again I drank far too many cups of coffee today. I think I don’t drink anywhere near enough water so tomorrow I am going to attempt to drink my 8 glasses of water to see if it helps me feel better and stops me drinking so many coffees!

I also finished my day off with a cup of options hot chocolate

Overall thoughts and feelings

I think it was a good thing that I forced myself out of my comfort and back to the swimming pool tonight. I need to try not to give up and to work harder. I have ordered myself a new food diary and I am hoping that by carrying it around and making sure I write everything down including drinks I will be able to spot and eliminate things that mat be sabotaging my diet.

I generally feel fitter and healthier than I have in a long time ( apart from my back that just seems to keep getting worse) so obviously all of this is doing something positive even if the weight doesn’t appear to be coming off.

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