Daily Diary – 27/08/2017 – Backache but didn’t give in!

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely awful. I had severe backache , a blocked nose and sore throat. Despite this I remained determined that I was going to hit all of my targets on my Fit Bit charge 2 today as I am challenging myself to a week of exercise and in all fairness I’m not actually doing too bad as I have only missed 2 days and even on those days if I haven’t been to the gym or sparring then I have been walking quite a lot. I’m excited to see the scales this week and hopefully be adding some beads to my Motivacelet.  So I started my day off with some breakfast then decided the house needed a bloody good scrub so I was moving furniture, cleaning around it under it, on top of it. Then I went to the gym. My sister-in-law had offered to pick me up but I messaged her and told her I would meet her there so I could walk there and get that little bit more exercise. It’s becoming a regular walk now from home to the gym and adds those extra few steps to my day. I got home from the gym and then did some sparring with Gareth followed by a nice relaxing shower. I have hit all of my targets on my Fitbit which makes me a happy bunny!


For breakfast this morning I had a small  bowl of sugar puffs measured out in my Diet Plate Bowl ( OK that makes more sense to me than it reads! It’s a bowl that came with my diet plate with lines around it to help with measurements) I didn’t take a picture of it as it was a bowl of sugar puffs and I’m pretty sure we all know what they are like.



At lunchtime I made everyone a Spanish omelette, mine was served with spaghetti hoops and everyone else had beans ( ewww beans)



Evening Meal

After I finished the gym I had every intention of making myself some boiled rice loaded with vegetables and some tuna however when I got home and checked we had run out of rice!!! So I ended up with pasta instead. So my evening meal was a tuna and vegetable pasta thingy ma jiggy.


Overall Thoughts and Feelings

I really pushed myself at the gym today and I can feel it especially in my legs. I’m hoping that my hard work shows when it comes to weigh day. I am so excited for the day where I can look in the mirror and not just see mounds of fat. I know it will happen eventually and I’m really hoping that this time next year there will be a totally different person looking back at me when I look.

I feel like I’ve done really well this week with regards to exercise, A few times this week I have not only gone to the gym but then came home and sparred with Gareth and I hope that it shows. I will be really disappointed if I don’t have a weight loss this week.

Thanks for reading.


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