Daily Diary – 18/08/2017 – Crazy busy blog day

Today has been a crazy busy day with my blogs, as you may know I run this one and Mummy of 5 Miracles and today I was working on some exciting things with Mummy of 5 Miracles meaning that I wasn’t able to get out to the gym as I was waiting around for a lot of phone calls. Regardless of that we did play a game called King Pong which despite being a fun family game also had all us sweating as apparently we are all VERY competitive.


Today for breakfast we didn’t quite stick to the meal plan, mainly because I didn’t order enough eggs, I completely forgot how much Slimming World is egg orientated! ┬áSo I had to make do with what I had and in today’s case it was some bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic and plum tomatoes. Despite it not looking very attractive it was delicious, healthy and very surprisingly filling



For dinner we decided to try out the Italian Chicken and Tomato Soup. I was dubious about this as I really don’t enjoy stew type things and it looked like it was stewy. However I was very pleasantly surprised when I actually tried it and it was very tasty. The only criticism I would have is that there wasn’t very much of it. As I was handed it I even joked about where the other half was ( you need to bear in mind the centre of those dishes fits a box of paracetamol very snug and it wasn’t even half filled. Having said that I ate it and wasn’t hungry or trying to snack before lunch time so despite the tiny portion it was obviously enough.



Main Meal

For our main meal we had the pesto stuffed chicken served with boiled potatoes and roast vegetables. The filling for the chicken (quark and basil) was delicious however I found the chicken to seem quite dry. I think out of everything we’ve been cooking and eating recently this is probably my least favourite but mainly because there wasn’t enough stuffing. I did take a picture of it however it really doesn’t look very appealing at all so I will spare you the image until I make it again and maybe get a nicer one!

Overall thoughts and feelings

Today has been a tough day today for me emotionally, I won’t go into details but the date is a sad one so I’ve not really been in the mood to do very much in a way of exercise. I instead spent the day working on my blog and answering emails one of which was for a sports bra which I am super excited to be reviewing soon ( So far I haven’t successfully found a nice comfortable sports bra that doesn’t just feel like it’s pinning me down to the point I can’t breathe so I am excited to see if this one will work ( Not easy to find comfortable workout clothes for bigger people!)

Tomorrow I intend on at least sparring in the house if I’m still not up to going to the gym. You may remember last Saturday I really didn’t enjoy the gym it seemed quite intimidating so if I do go I think I will leave it until the evening time.

Thanks for reading.



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