Daily Diary – 17/08/2017 – Back to the gym and eating well

Hello! I went back to the gym today HOORAH! I sparred with Gareth yesterday and waited to see how my back was when I woke up this morning and it was much better so I decided to get my bum in gear and get back to the gym. I managed a fairly good work out with 20 mins on the Arc machine, 20 mins on the treadmill and some weights. I could tell I hadn’t been for almost a week though! Due to personal reasons ( OK lady reasons!) I won’t be going for the next couple of days but I’m hoping that next week I will be back on it, I will just have to work twice as hard! In the eating side of things I’ve been doing great! I did treat myself to some crisps and a tiny bit of chocolate today but I think I deserve it the amount of stuff I have turned down!


For breakfast today we had baked oats, now these were lovely but I really do think you will only enjoy them if you’re a big fan of crumbles and tangy cooked fruit. I added mixed fruit to mine rather than just raspberries but I really enjoyed them. Gareth wasn’t so keen but the kids ate them even Annabelle which shocks me as she will never try anything!



Todays lunch was the same as we had the other day, a BLT with roasted peppers. This is a firm favourite in our house and very filling meaning that nobody feels the need to snack between lunch and our main meal.

Main Meal

Tonight I made the homemade burgers with cajun chips and homemade sweetcorn. This was supposed to be a new york bacon burger however I decided to use pork mine instead of beef mince mainly due to the price difference and we had used all the bacon in our lunch. Apart from that I followed the recipe the same. I didn’t want the buns with mine I just figured they were extra calories I really didn’t NEED to eat so instead I constructed the burger on the plate. The cajun chips were far too spicy! I will definitely make the burgers again but will miss the cajun seasoning off the chips. I served the kids burgers with buns and a cheese slice.

Overall thoughts and feelings

I actually feel good about what I have achieved today despite the fact I weakened and had some crisps and a little chocolate. I worked hard last night sparring with Gareth and can feel it in my shoulders and the worked really hard again this morning in the gym. I was sweating before I got there from walking in the heat so wasn’t sure I’d successfully do anything! haha

Now I’ve finally finished everything I need to do today I’m going to go and settle for the night, see ya tomorrow!

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