Daily Diary – 03/09/2016 – Feeling positive

Ok so it took me a little while but I’m finally back to feeling positive.and I have finished sulking about last weeks weigh in. I’ve had a very productive day which started with a great gym session with my sister-in-law ( I did tak a picture but she may well throttle me if I upload it. The rest of my day was spent either cooking or entertaining the children. But I successfully managed most of my FitBit targets and really have eaten incredibly well.

Unintentionally I seem to have avoided carbs for the last couple of days and do you know what? I actually feel great for it.


After a good workout at the gym I was absolutely starving and I could have easily opted for something fast like a cheese sandwich but instead I chose to make myself a spinach filled omelette. I cooked the spinach with some garlic and onions. It was OK but I felt like it was lacking in flavour. It could have done with some tomatoes or something like that.


Today’s lunch I really didn’t fancy anything large or heavy so decided to go with chicken breast and broccoli. The broccoli was covered in Cajun seasoning.

Evening Meal

The rest of the family had Bolognese but I genuinely just didn’t fancy it. So I made a huge amount of roasted vegetables and paired it with half a can of tuna. It was surprisingly VERY tasty.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

I am generally more positive. I have a feeling that this week is going to be good and I’m hoping that now my mind is back in it I can continue to slowly get results. I’m excited to watch how I change and develop and how differently I will see things once I’ve been doing it for a while.

I can’t wait till weigh day and maybe just maybe I might get a bead on my Motivacelet.

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