Daily Diary – 02/09/2017 – No more sulking, back to the gym

Good Evening!! Ok so firstly I need to apologise for not doing my daily diary for the last few days. The main reason for this was that I was trying to snap out of my funk. I also went for afternoon tea with my friend and figured you probably didn’t wish to read about my cakes! I now however have stopped sulking and dragged myself back to the gym! 

I won’t lie,it took me some inner ass kicking to make me get ready and walk out of the door. I just seem to have lost my motivation somewhere in last weeks weigh in. I’m glad I did though, I whacked some music on my phone popped in my ear phones and headed off to the gym. When I got there I thought I’m gonna just do as little as possible to get it done and back home.  Then I stepped on the arc. I thought I’ll do 10 minutes and then move on but then I hit 10 minutes and noticed I had done 150 calories. I usually do around 250 in 20 minutes. I’m aware this isn’t a massive amount but I am very overweight so I struggle more than someone would that was half my size. Anyway I decided to set myself a little challenge and to try to get 300 calories in 20 minutes. For the first time since I started using the gym I pushed myself so hard I thought I was going to be sick. My face was beyond beetroot , my heart was racing and the sweat was pouring out of me. Do you know what else? I felt extremely proud of myself. Despite not even feeling like going to the gym I went in there and I kicked ass!

I then went on to do some weights before finishing off with 30 minutes on the bike then walking home. I then got home and had food then this evening I sparred with Gareth. He has started pushing me harder now and giving me larger combinations and I really did feel it today.


For breakfast today I had a slice of toast ( 5 syns as it was white bread) with chopped tomatoes, a poached egg and garlic mushrooms.


When I finished the gym I was actually really hungry. I had decided before I went that I was going to make Cajun chicken with roasted vegetables and even though it was quite a plain lunch I really enjoyed it.

Evening Meal

I had enjoyed my chicken at lunch so much I decided to have chicken and vegetables for tea too. I added the beetroot as a speed food.


For my snacks I had some mikado, I had 2 after lunch ( 1 syn) then 4 after my evening meal (2 syns) I also finished my day off with an options hot chocolate ( 2 syns)

Overall thoughts and feelings

The best thing I did today was to get my gym clothes on a walk to the leisure centre. I really just needed that kick to get me back on track.  I’m proud of myself for getting back on it and I have figured that I have quite a few weeks until Xmas and if I can just lose 2lb per week from now until then there will be a very dramatic difference.

Thanks for reading


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