I am able to review any products within the health and fitness range providing they are a fit within my blog. I am particularly interested in reviewing fitness items that are aimed at larger people.

What can I offer?

  • I can offer a very full and honest opinion. From delivery to using your product we will make note of every detail. If I feel that something isn’t quite right I will happily share those thoughts alongside the positive thoughts and how I feel the product could be improved.
  • Due to starting this journey as a plus sized person I am able to recommend your products to other plus sized people trying to improve their fitness and tell them fully how it feels to use, eat etc.
  • I also have a YouTube Channel where I will happily do live videos reviewing your items. Please note the YouTube Channel is in association with Mummy of 5 Miracles my sister site so therefore will not solely focus on health and fitness.
  • Now with over 1500 Followers on my Mummy Of 5 Miracles Twitter Page and still growing it means that anything that we review will also attract attention as anything that we chose to review will be posted across all of our social media. My MOFM Health Kicks Twitter Page is brand new so still attracting followers
  • We are happy to work alongside you and to make sure any details that you would like highlighted are made clear and any other requirements you may have.


Guest Blogs

I am extremely happy to work alongside other talented bloggers and offer guest posts on the subject you are looking at covering. My only request is that in return you will ensure that there is a clear link to my site.

What can we offer in our Guest Blog posts?

  • I will do my very best to ensure that the writing needed is full of interesting content and views that work alongside the topics that you are covering, complete with pictures.
  • I will make sure that your blog which features our guest post is covered across all of my social media.

If you would like to work along side us then please do not hesitate to contact us.